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Lacrosse: My biggest & best networking tool

“All the talent in the world won’t take you anywhere without your teammates,” (unknown)

I remember some of my first, early internship and job interviews asking me “are you a team player?”, or “can you work as a team?” Or, those typical, somewhat canned, job descriptions and requirements stating ‘must be a team-player’. Looking back, I should’ve asked them, “have you ever, or do you still play a competitive sport?” 

Recently, one of my lacrosse buddies and I were texting back-and-forth, catching up on life. His messages are in GREY, my response is BLUE:

To my buddy who got what he wanted – congrats, you deserve it! :o) To this day there is an obvious reason why I still play lacrosse. Aside from being a distraction and a release from my everyday, it will ALWAYS remain my BIGGEST and BEST networking tool!




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