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Lacrosse Photography

I always had a deep interest in photography. I wasn’t a big reader growing up, so looking at books with a lot of pictures and magazines were always top priority. Yeah, all those pictures, or photos, in the pages – yup, from a photographer! My first experience in learning photography was in a summer camp where I developed in a dark room with chemicals. In art school, photography was a requirement, but I always shot my pics with an ‘automatic’ setting, not really understanding, or really caring about the ‘manual’ process.

Ever since then, from family trips, social and personal events to using it as a medium for work, photography has always been very important to me. In the past 3 years, I’ve been thinking of having a photography page showcasing a few photos that have stood out in a lacrosse-theme sort-of-speak. These are not ‘action photos’ which customers send me to replicate for them into original art, rather subtle and personal meanings. These are the short stories of each lacrosse photo that I captured.


Taken at the famous Lake Placid Summit Lacrosse Tournament in Lake Placid, NY. An early game at 8:30 a.m. had me and my teammates being very slow to the field. A fog covered the fields making it look miserable, until the sun slowly came out and lifted it. One of my animated teammates yelled to me to take his picture as he posed with his arms up. He told us to be thankful to be playing the Creator’s Game. I told him thanks for letting me take one of my most noted photos ever. I proud to say the ONLY altering, or editing of this image was cropping it to size. No Photoshop filters, or adjustments. This is a pure shot!

‘Wall Ball’

I just strung my first traditional lacrosse stick in a very long time. Being all excited I ran over to a brick wall nearby to do ‘wall ball’. It was a cold, fall day, but the sun was up and behind me as I was doing the workout. I was paying more attention to the stark contrast of the newly strung, lacrosse stick silhouette on the brick pattern. I knew I had a interesting photo right in front of me, which all lacrosse players understand.

‘Shooter Mist’

One of my weeknight lacrosse games had us play in a humid and misty night. As a goalie, it was very hard to see that ball being shot so my attention level was way up. After the session ended, one person stayed on the field to do some extra work. The lonely stadium light that was lit by the lacrosse goal made for a dramatic setting and an awesome image to capture.

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Misc./Etc. College / Art School Photography:

My old school camera that I used in college for my photography classes. There was something about using 35mm film and not knowing if you got the perfect pic. Then again, my photo professor (Abby Robinson) once said “you will never shoot a perfect roll.” Here are two pics that I shot with it.

‘Untitled’/Kissing Couple. G-train. Hoyt-Schermerhon Station. Brooklyn, NY. 1998.

‘SoHo, NYC’ 1998.

My classic, 35mm camera that I used in college. Pratt Institute. Brooklyn, NY. 1996 – 2000.

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