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Lax Skin Art

When I was doodling lacrosse players during class back in high school, pen was my medium and notebook paper was the surface.  A few times, ink would smear from my drawing hand and transfer onto my pinky finger area.  A simple wash of soap and water would take care of that temporary problem.  Looking back, I had no idea that someday people would be adventurous enough to replicate my lacrosse images onto their skin–permanently!

I remember the first client being from Melbourne, Australia asking for a custom piece that would also be a tattoo on his calf.  That was 2010.


Ever since then, there have been quite a few who have caught on the trend.  Here are a few of those shots that have been sent from those clients, or seen on social media.

Gear-tat-web Goalie-Tat Hungary-Crank-Tat-600x400 Lax-Player-tattoo-132451 Leg-Full-tilt

Not surprised to see the classic “Crank” image on a couple of these.  It’s amazing to see what others are willing to do to make the art part of “their own”.  I can’t complain, really.  People tell me it’s just another testament to the art and how much people value it.  My honest feelings are that they are much braver than me for putting on the skin – that’s for sure!  While we don’t do actual skin ink, we sure still provide the ability to make the art for it.


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