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Major League Lacrosse Art: A Retrospect

I wasn’t surprised about the recent news of the ‘merger’ between the PLL and MLL and what that meant for the MLL, to be honest. It was very clear that one league was gaining so much more traction – executing a strong vision – from the other that seemed to be, just the same. While I think this sport is still too small for two leagues to exist, there is no question that one of them definitely helped validate and grow my business.

The pitch from Major League Lacrosse was to create a handful of athletic portraits of their athletes, among other topics, and show them being created in a video to be posted for social media content. Prior to that, my video shooting skills were very lackluster, they still are, but this was a very good way to learn something new for the digitally advanced crowd. In the end, four athletes were created, showing from start to finish the careful techniques of the most high-end product from The Art of Lax™: original art.

Garrett Thul of the Charlotte Hounds
Casey Powell of the Florida Launch.
Rob Pannell of the NY Lizards.
John Grant Jr. of the Denver Outlaws.

The interesting thing after the John Grant Jr. piece was done was that he was traded to the Ohio Machine.

But going back even further, very first piece of a Major League Lacrosse athlete was done as a personal collaboration with Chris Eck of the Boston Cannons former Team USA. In fact two pieces were done and also signed by him.

Chris was one of the first MLL players I personally knew when were in NYC and also played each other in club lax settings before his MLL season. His portrait done was the first MLL-themed pieces and planted a seed of a possible interest in doing other athletes.

Last but not least, the original piece of Casey Powell was presented to him to celebrate his retirement from Major League Lacrosse with the Florida Launch. Seeing the celebratory pics of him was a great feeling of personal accomplishment.

So, now that professional outdoor lacrosse is under one roof, does that mean portraits of athletes for the PLL? Maybe? But that answer lies with the PLL now.

As an entrepreneur, I tip my hat off to Major League Lacrosse for being bold and trying to get the sport out to the masses. Looking back, I thank the league and their players for enabling me to put my work on the lacrosse map and reminding me that when you work hard at doing the kind of work that you love, it never feels like work, rather an adventure.


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I only read this book once it was good to see their backstory from the founders of the MLL.

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