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The Making of Hashtag Lacrosse

I’ll be honest in this post. I find that one of the cheesiest lacrosse images, or designs, is that generic, or ‘cookie-cutter’ image of the two, lax sticks crossed with the word ‘Lacrosse’ underneath. Yeah, my high-school lacrosse jacket had the same thing, as did my lacrosse shorts! How many times can that be done? Well, it seems like a lot because, really, nothing new has ever evolved from it. Or at least, nobody tried to do something different, or at least something that speaks to the current crowd.

See what I mean?

Back in August, during the Lake Placid Tournament, a bunch of us were joking on the sideline during our last game of the tournament. Somebody said, “we should all have ‘Hashtags’ on the back of our jerseys instead of numbers. It would mess with the refs…” After a quick giggle, I digested the thought and wondered what if the hashtag symbol were made out of lacrosse sticks? I didn’t say it out loud but kept a mental note of it.

Fast-forward to last week, I took the four (4) different sticks from the image ‘Sticks Up!’ and started to piece together the hashtag symbol. The finished version didn’t just have to be ‘cool’ but also unique, or catchy, with a historical lesson being four, different lacrosse sticks, from four, generations of the game. See, below:


As to the ‘crossed sticks’ design that’s been oh, so played out, but still common place, I would assume that this version of four, ‘crossed sticks’ speaks, rather ‘digitally communicates’, the simple and direct message:

Hashtag this!!! :o) Click to purchase your reproduction piece of ‘Hashtag Lacrosse’.


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Oh, and you can buy the t-shirt, too! :o)

As for recent hashtags in the lacrosse community and social-media, we still remember Robby Schartner, as per the pic, below. #RS3 #TeamThree


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