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The Making of Lax Head(s)

We’ll make this article short and right to the point.

In high school, I got busted really bad in History class for drawing lacrosse players in my notebook. My teacher asked if there was anything in my head, other than lacrosse, during class? The good thing about my History teacher was that he was also my lacrosse coach. But still, I admit to disrespecting his teaching, looking back.

I’m still reminded about that event, to this day. Think of it? Because, I pretty much have to think lacrosse on a daily-basis due to running a business that is targeted to the sport.

These two new pieces, titled ‘Lax Head’ are an example for those who think nothing but lacrosse, because manifestly they are just die-hard fans of it! They are not ‘head cases’, rather total Lax Heads! :o)

See, below.

laxhead-male-web laxhead-female-web

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