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The Making of a LEGEND: Billy Daye

The Road is Long. Travel Well. I’ve used that saying in a past article. I believe in that saying because you never know when you’re going to run across the same person again in life. During the execution of this recent original piece of art, I kept on thinking back on Billy Daye – a standout goaltender from UNC. I was pretty darn stoked to hear from him inquire about a custom piece of art.

I remember being excited to watch the 1993 NCAA Men’s Lacrosse Championship on CBS, because it was the first time I saw lacrosse on TV. It was Syracuse vs. North Carolina. UNC’s starting goalie, Billy Daye, was on the sideline with an injury, while his back-up, Gary Lehrman was in goal. The game ended up in overtime with Syracuse taking it. That summer I attended the Johns Hopkins Blue Jay Lacrosse Camp, and Billy Daye was one of my counselors teaching me the art of goaltending, as well as telling me and my roommate to get in our rooms for lights out. As cheesy as it may sound, I was in awe seeing Billy in person, regardless of him not playing on live TV. Ha!

Some of the progress pics, below.

After playing in the MLL for the Boston Cannons, Billy took over as the head coach of the team. I followed the team because one of their most noted face-off players, Chris Eck, was a client and promoter of my work. Below, are two finished pieces I did of Chris Eck:

But, back to Billy Daye… :o)

We caught up on social-media, which was becoming the thing and a way to interact and engage with others. Our paths crossed again, when we found each other on the floor of the US Lacrosse Convention around 2010-2011. I told Billy of my time with him back in lacrosse camp, and how I used to look at him as one of my lacrosse goalie idols growing up. After more meet ups at future LaxCon’s, it seemed that we weren’t strangers anymore.

More of the progress pics, below.

Currently, Billy is now with Nike Lacrosse. A few years ago, I was fortunate enough to help make some products for Nike sponsored events. I think it’s really exciting to see both of our paths work into the lacrosse industry.

Executing the finished piece of Billy reminded me that you never know who’s watching you work, especially these days on the many, existing social-media platforms. Then again, like I said in the beginning of this article – The Road is Long. You never know when you’ll cross paths with somebody again. The finished piece, below.

Thanks, BD!

‘Billy Daye’

11×14 inches. Mixed media.


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Check out the video of the piece.

Speaking of crossing paths, the UNC goalie who played in the ’93 Championship game, Gary Lehrman, is pictured, above (red circle). I’m next to him, under the ‘red arrow’. Yeah, didn’t I say before that ‘The Road is Long?’ :o)




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