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The Making of Old School Tough

“The older I get, the better I was.”

That quote was from an old article showing my old school lacrosse equipment from my high school days that is still stashed in my parents’ place in Manhattan. I’m glad they hung onto some of my things from the past, in hopes that they would be worth a lot in the future. :o) But each time I visit my parents, I still take a good look at the gear and wonder how we used such cumbersome products to play the best game on earth. A recent retro-themed project required me to once again, look at my vintage gear for artistic reference material.

The work was a trip down memory lane. Each time I looked at the gear to execute the work, I kept on wondering “why did this component have that, and who thought that should it work like this”, and so on, and so forth. But that’s innovation and the same goes for art – it’s a renewable resource.

The progress pics, below.

Can you guess which the one of the popular sticks/heads? :o)

And, why the double-chin-pad-fad-thing??? Because, it was the cool-thing, back then. :o)

Final touches and putting all together…

Doing this piece, I’m amazed how much the sport has grown and how the equipment has developed. And it will only continue to grow and develop. Lacrosse is a tough sport and when I look at my old gear, I quickly remember cotton t-shirts under the heavy jerseys, non-offset heads, bumpy or muddy, grass fields and anything else that made it tougher. When it came time to find a name for the new  piece, there was one phrase that came to mind, ‘Old School Tough‘.

The finished piece, below.

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