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The Making of “The Perfect Progression”

I have a “rolodex” of ideas in my mind for upcoming projects.  I write some down on a list either physically in a random pile of papers, or digitally on my smartphone.  I don’t get to all of them because it’s not a perfect world.  But when I was sitting on a plane 4 years ago and reading a book to do research on a piece I thought I would execute by now, I just remembered that this idea was never done before.  The book I was reading was titled “American Indian Lacrosse” by Thomas Venum, and it just so happened that the passenger sitting next to me was a former UPenn player, who inquired about my reading.  It was a history book that sparked the idea to do a piece on what I thought, back then, was a very daunting and intimidating task.

The idea was to show a progression of some sort – a sequence that showed the generations of lacrosse played from the Native-Americans to the present day.  But it had to be unique, somehow?  So the thought was to show the stages of an overhand shot, with each stage a representation of the game in history.  That was it!  Our signature style of motion had to be there, because the art had to be recognizable to our style.  Research, and more research.  Revisions, thoughts and thoughts and revisions were a constant.  I wanted this to be historically accurate so that people would think that I didn’t make any of it up.  Combine regular work, new business, freelance and consulting work, the birth of my first son, a move from the city to the suburbs, a hurricane, trying to get used to a new setting, another birth of a child, a new addition and construction to our home… it was adding up.  Slowly one would find time to piece it together.


It was hard after almost 3 years doing this.  I was nervous that I would never come back to it, or just quit entirely.  Now you know why we did not attend the 2014 US Lacrosse Convention in Philly, last year?… yup!  But like anything hard, it was totally worth it.

I can go on forever with so much writing about this piece, but I want to let the viewer look at the pics and come up with their (your) own thoughts.  I said in the beginning that I have a “rolodex” of ideas for new business/products, but this was considered something from the “bucket list” of projects, now that I look back.  It gives me the confidence to do more complex jobs, and trust me – or, remember – I do have my “rolodex” of ideas.

Manifestly, this piece is for all of us who are, and have been, a part of this special game, in whatever stage and capacity.  This piece is for you!

Perfect Progression-big-FB

“The Perfect Progression”

20×30 inches. Pen & ink on bristol board.

Now available for purchase.



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