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The Making of ‘Wall Ball EVERYDAY!’

I figured this new piece had to be launched on a “hump day”, or Wednesday, or commonly known on the lacrosse social-media posts as #WallBallWednesday. The idea for this piece was in my list of ideas for over a year. Because work and life takes those unexpected twists and turns, it was never done within a year of the concept being born. But with the advent of #LaxCon coming next week, I wanted to get this piece finshed.

This piece is a straight-up, “no-brainer”. I’m not going to get all academic to explain what’s going on here. This is a staple for ALL lacrosse players! The shadow of the figure obviously is the focus point and a respect to honor ‘The Creator’. The decision for the player in full gear was made not just for anonymity, but rather as a way to illustrate the discipline to practice, while trying to mimic a real-game condition. We all know there’s a big difference when catching and throwing with gear being worn or not. The light source is very bright, and probably hot, thus adding to the challenge of wall ball. We don’t know what time of the day it is. All we know is that he is alone, working by himself, not because he has to, because he wants to.

Instead of traditional mediums used, this one was going to be done digitally on the tablet. It took a long while due to trying to find a reliable method. And just like any lacrosse wall ball routine, it had to be done with constant dedication through trial and error and discipline. Who said ‘art’ and ‘sports’ do not mix? :o)

As I said in the beginning, I picked Wednesday to launch this because of the common #WallBallWednesday posts. But, the importance of the subject matter of this piece shouldn’t just be highlighted on one particular day of the week. Therefore, it was only fitting to title this new piece, ‘Wall Ball EVERYDAY!‘.

Hit the wall.

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Reproduction prints are now available for purchase. If attending #LaxCon next week in Baltimore, you can pre-pruchase at the discounted price and reserve your copy to pick up at The Art of Lax™ booth # 547. See you at #LaxCon!




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Also, NEW to the portfolio is the first traditional painting done since 2008 titled, ‘The Stick‘. A classic portrait of the most prized possession in the game of lacrosse. Reproduction prints available for purchase. Pre-purchase for pick up at #LaxCon is also available.

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