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Multi-Sport Athlete: The Making of Seth Brail

A recent custom art piece was done for a high school graduate named, Seth Brail. A graduate of Horace Greeley HS in Chappaqua, NY, this project was to highlight not just the sport that The Art of Lax™ caters to, rather all the sports he participated in during high school. The trio of sports, including Football and Basketball, was impressive labeling him as a multi-sport athlete. It has been a while since I did any non-lacrosse art, so this was a great challenge to put my skills to the test.

The concept of the piece was not three separate pieces, but three (3) images on one page – a triptych, but seamless. The order was to show, from left to right: football, lacrosse and basketball. Lacrosse, which seemed to be his favorite sport was to be bigger than the other two. Starting the project required sketches to build confidence.

I decided to work on the middle and out to the sides, which meant starting on the lacrosse image and then pick which non-lacrosse sport to do next.

Next came the football quarterback portrait on the left side. It has been a very long time since I did anything football. I had to look back at a proud moment in my non-lacrosse art which dealt with a collegiate football team.

Yes, the University of Minnesota. Go Golden Gophers! That was back in 2014. Call it a little confidence booster. A self pat on the back. Whatever it takes.

Proud of how that was going it was time to focus on the basketball. Did you know the inventor of basketball, Dr. James Naismith, also played lacrosse? Multi-sport athlete and innovator!

Who wants to get ‘Posterized’?

A return to fill in and finalize details on each of the images to make the picture as a whole come together.

Details on helmets and certain identities of the sports were made.

Mix together, shake, stir, pour and serve…

Seth Brail

Pen and ink on Bristol vellum.

13×19 inches.

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