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My Art School Fraternity Lacrosse Plaque

A lot of people get perplexed when I tell them of my art school fraternity experience as a member of Delta Gamma Theta.  Art School and Fraternity aren’t usually known for going hand-in-hand, just like Art and Sports.  A while ago, I came along old photos of my fraternity house at The Pratt Institute and saw the fraternity plaque that was made for me by the incoming pledge class during my senior year in 2000.  I was reminded, back then, of my uncanny personality and mix of both Artist and Athlete.

Delta Gamma Theta house. 272 Clinton Ave, Brooklyn-NY. Otherwise known as “The Delta House”.

Each brother had a plaque made for them.  In traditional colleges, plaques are usually “run of the mill” paddles, but this was an elite art school in NYC, and we had a creative edge over our conventional, academic counterparts.  My fraternity brothers knew I was a “lacrosse nut” and it was just fitting that the plaque done for me was a traditional lacrosse stick done by an incoming pledge named Jonathan Levy, who also played lacrosse.  Below, is what was made for me.

Third down from the top.  Amazing craftsmanship!
Third down from the top. Amazing craftsmanship!

The blurry pic gives enough detail to see the pocket strings which make out the greek alphabet letters of Delta Gamma Theta.  Cool to see a bottle opener directly above it from a past member.  Here are more pics of plaques and other things from the Delta House.

We got some medieval weaponry, here!
A game of darts, anyone?
Classic Swiss-Army knife.
Old encased, beer bottle, above, and a hand saw, below.
It’s a like a museum in Europe.
Star-Trek Klingon weapon. “Trekies” and comic book geeks galore in art school! :o)
Street signs from our 'hood.
Street signs from our ‘hood.
Probably the most interesting piece of decor in our backyard. Definitely before my time.

Who knows, maybe one day I may just have to buy the plaque from the fraternity house and put it up on my office/studio?  :o)


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