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Perfecting ‘The Perfect Progression’ Shirt

“Without struggle, there is no progress.” (Frederick Douglass)

It’s called ‘The Perfect Progression’.  The drawing took about 2.5 years to execute.  It was worth it because it was an idea in my mind for years and one I haven’t seen done before since I founded the business.  But before the official launch to the public at the 2015 LaxCon, I started to wonder how it would look as a piece of apparel.

The war room.


Perfect Progression-big-FB
‘The Perfect Progression’


The year before, aside from the drawing part of the project, one of my main goals was to revamp the apparel side of The Art of Lax™.  Once Fall 2014 came, it was time to start putting personal goals into production as new partnerships and products came in.  I was feeling good about the new things to come.  One of those new partnerships is the company, Evo9x Sportswear and they had the capability to make ‘The Perfect Progression’ piece into an apparel product.

The first concept using 'The Perfect Progression'
The first concept using ‘The Perfect Progression’

Having both front and back prints was great but I felt there had to be more.  So we chatted it up with more ideas and concepts.

The addition of both ‘The Founder’ and ‘Present’ images from ‘The Perfect Form’ (Series).


Aside from a complex drawing piece, manifestly, it’s an education in lacrosse history – a transition, growth… a progression.  Evo9x suggested having figures on the sleeves, and I thought that it was a great addition as it’s an homage to the creators and a shout-out to the current crop of players.  The following pics are of the finished product:

Front view
Diagonal view.
Opposite diagonal view.
Back view.
Right Arm Sleeve
Right sleeve with ‘The Perfect Form’ (Present).
Left Arm Sleeve
Left sleeve with ‘The Perfect Form’ (Founder).


But we couldn’t just make it ONE color, who wants to new ONE-dimensional?  So, a variety of colors were added to the mix.

It’s Spring time! Gotta’ have our bright colors!


All products are made to order from the customers specifications.  Evo9x can make just 1 or 100, or more!  For more information and to order your shirt click, here.


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