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Play Like A Girl-The Making of Angelina

(Writer’s Note: This post is late, we’re talking months overdue. Sorry it it seems a bit out of place.)

Recently, it’s been a hectic time of the year/biz due to end-of-the-season projects and custom orders for graduation, etc. That’s always the case each year. But, it reminded me of a unique, custom order project that was commissioned during Christmas.

The client who commissioned the project was her father. His daughter, Angelina a budding artist in school, played on the boys team in her town. What made it very impressive is that her position is by far the hardest, and one that I play, as well – goalie. Of course, I already was focused on artistically executing the best job for her, as possible.

Below, are the progression pics of the custom piece:

We discussed having the piece of her centered in the goal, and having only her and the goal cage in color, thus standing out.

The finished piece, below.


17×30 inches.

Pen & ink and watercolor.

The day after Christmas, her father sent me a pic of her opening up the piece, below.

What a smile! To get your custom order, click here.


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