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The Making of a Princeton Legend–Chris Massey

(Writer’s Note:  They don’t offer athletic scholarships in art school.  One of the things I regret at times was not going to a traditional, liberal arts college/university.  The reservation comes back when I play a game of lacrosse and players asked where I played.  The lack of being able to answer makes me feel that I can’t relate to the present moment, let alone the person who asked the question.  No matter how old I get, playing with or against, and meeting a lacrosse player with great credentials will always be pretty damn awesome!)

“Legends are material to be moulded, and not facts to be recorded.”  – Hervey Allen

I clearly remember reading Lacrosse Magazine during my early art school years of 1996 and 1997, of the domination of Princeton Men’s Lacrosse.  They were already calling it the team of the 90’s due to their back-to-back NCAA Div. 1 Championships of those years and the possibility of a 3 ‘peat.  I started following the Tigers in their quest for domination thru that magazine and constantly read the names of their deadly attack trio of Jesse Hubbard, Jon Hess and Chris Massey.  I had no idea that one of them would become a post-collegiate club lacrosse teammate, business advisor and friend.

“The Trio”. Left to Right: Hess, Massey, Hubbard.

Fast-forward to 2008.  I’m in goal with my club team the Brooklyn Lacrosse Club playing against the very strong New York Athletic Club.  I look to my left side and Jon Hess is there.  I look to my right side and Jesse Hubbard isn’t seen.  But behind me, at the “x,  is Chris Massey dodging my defenders from that area.  It was a “shark tank” with those two around the crease-area and it made for a long day in goal for me and my defensemen.  But at least I can say that I endured an “honorable experience”.

Two years later, Chris Massey makes the move to play on our team and it changed our team for the better.  Along with him came a new range of talent thru his network of lacrosse players, thus revamping the team.  I was always in awe because to me he’s a legend and playing for a team that I co-founded and captained.  During that time we developed and grew friendship both on and off the field.  Chris, a lawyer by trade, gave me one of my earliest pieces of legal advice for The Art of Lax™ and still does to this day.  I realized the importance of the game of lacrosse and it’s off-the-field mannerisms, which is to maintain those relationships going forward.

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Crossing over to the Brooklyn Lacrosse Club. Chris Massey at right.

This new piece of art is of Chris Massey during his glory days at Princeton and their domination of the 90’s.  The following are development pics:

Watercolor test marks.

IMG_5269 IMG_5270IMG_5285IMG_5288IMG_5323IMG_5290

Business trips recently took me to the city of Boston, Mass where Chris now works and resides.  We still made time for each other and caught up with all the things that have happened ever since.

With Chris Massey in Boston.

The finished product.  It’s a honor to play against, with and know one of the best in the game.



9 x 12 inches.

Mixed-media.  Graphite, pen & ink and watercolor on 140 lb. watercolor paper.

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Etc./Misc: And if they were the team of the 90’s well this was the jam of the 90’s!

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