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Proud to be NYC

I found a pic on Instagram taken by current NY Lizards player, Rob Pannell, showing a nighttime lacrosse coaching session. See pic, below.


Rob Pannell, the former Cornell University stand-out, is one of the coaches of ‘LCNewYork‘ a competitive NYC-based, travel team under one of our clients, Both of their logo/branding/identity were projects given to me and done with the creative input by both, Rob and his collegiate teammate, Max Seibald.

To me, this picture with the LCNewYork logo on the side reminds me of how much lacrosse has grown in my hometown of NYC, and a personal goal of mine to somehow, grow this sport and contribute to it in an artistic and creative capacity.

With the Freedom Tower in the background, it also signifies a constant determination, along with resilience that is developed when living in NYC. That any great endeavor worth doing, requires such characteristics and time.

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