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For Robby Schartner #TeamThree #RS3

Recently, I wanted to give myself a quick 30-minute drawing exercise, just to keep the drawing hand effective. With the recent loss in the lacrosse community of a Manhattanville College player, Robby Schartner, many are honoring his memory and advocating against drunk driving. I figured this would be my way to honor him.

Three (3) fingers are held up to honor him as #3 was his jersey number. And Hashtags #TeamThree and #RS3 are common on various social media platforms.

To change it up, I wanted to add a lacrosse element to it. I realized that three fingers of a glove would be it. I had 30 minutes to do it. Below, are the series of progression pics:

img_3455 img_3456

img_3460 img_3461 img_3462 img_3463 img_3464

Time was up and the finish, below, with the hashtags.


The final pic had to be three, ungloved fingers, holding the drawing tool used in the creation of the piece.


In honor of Robby Schartner. #TeamThree #RS3


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