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#TBT–Thailand 2011

I was cleaning up the computer when I found this funny pic from the LaxAllStars 2011 ‘Grow the Game’ Invitational in Bangkok, Thailand. Sticking out like tourists, we were “taken for a ride” by fake tour guides at the Grand Palace, who coordinated a tour made up of multiple ‘Tuk-Tuks’ for “planned visits” to different locations surrounding the area. One stop in the scheme of things was to a custom tailored suit business and show room. By then we knew what this was all about. But the weather was extremely hot & humid and we figured that we could rest our legs, with free air-conditioning, while enduring “hard sells” for custom-made suits by the salespersons on the floor. Trying to keep our attention on their products, they even offered us FREE beer. I think only one of us made the leap to get a suit made.


“The scheme” continued on and after a couple of hours the cost for that being crammed in and taken around in ‘Tuk-Tuks’ was about $8.00 USD/per person. It was awesome!

In a speedy 'Tuk-Tuk'.
In a speedy ‘Tuk-Tuk’.

And we got a vid of the rides, below. Man, if we can do this all over again?


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