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The Art of Shootout For Soldiers

A proud accomplishment that was done earlier this year is now taking place during the summer. An artistic and product collaboration with the organization, Shootout for Soldiers, for event apparel is now a reality. Here’s the story behind the creative process of the art and overall product.

A quick discussion took place as soon as the 2017 US Lacrosse Convention ended, back in January. The tournament’s founder and director, Tyler Steinhardt and I were excited to work together.

My love for combining art and lacrosse, made way for an opportunity to also combine another deep interest – Military History. The idea for the art image came from the movie poster of one my favorite war movies, ‘Patton‘ starring George C. Scott.

Below, are the progress pics of the art.

The finished piece, below.

But, the finished product, overall…

These shirts are ONLY found at the Shootout For Soldiers events.

You can also find some signed prints, too!

Looking back, it’s very rare to do something that incorporates all of your interests. I’m deeply honored to have been a part in helping honor those who’s patriotic service, and sacrifice, goes above and beyond.


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Aside from Lacrosse Art, which was one, of two, Senior Thesis projects in art school, the other was illustrating the American Soldier in the European Theater during World War II.

See, below.


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