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The Burger King Commercial 2020

I think it’s pretty safe to assume that whenever we see something with a lacrosse object, element or theme, etc. in mainstream media setting, the lacrosse community gets excited about it.

I still remember being all giddy in the movie theater when I saw the characters of ‘Oz’ and ‘Stifler’ charging down the lacrosse field in ‘American Pie’ in 1999. I felt that we finally made it as a sport on the big screen and I can explain what this ‘stick and ball’ is to total strangers. What was even crazier was one of the co-producers of that movie, Chris Moore, who played lacrosse and was the driving force behind putting it on the screen, would become my brother-in-law. So, while the inner circle lacrosse is considered small, the opportunities, wonders and possibilities can be a reality.

Not too long ago I received a random text from one of my old teammates asking for a confirmation. See below.

It was great to hear from him since we haven’t seen each other on the lacrosse field. But his text really threw me off, because I had no idea what he was talking about. And when I read the words ‘Burger King Commercial’ – I was like “WTF?” – and wondered if this was going to be legal action?

He texted me the entire commercial that he recorded with his phone in front of the TV. It was a legit commercial with a collaboration apparel product that I did with Shootout For Soldiers for their national events back in 2017, which one of the persons was wearing.

The figure drawing.
The shirt that was sold at each Shootout For Soldiers, or ‘SFS’ event.

Even if the commercial was a mere 15 seconds or so, it was great to see. I kept on ‘rewinding’, or replaying it to see how fast, or quick, the product was on camera. See for yourself and don’t blink, because you could miss it. :o)

After posting this on social media, I would soon find that the lacrosse community would be able to identify and track the person wearing the shirt in the commercial. Seeing that develop was awesome, because it turned out that, that person, named Terry, and I actually met back in January 2020 at LaxCon in Philadelphia. Terry is currently a member of the lacrosse team at Dominican College, which is where the commercial was filmed.

But did you know that this wasn’t the first time a product, or piece of art, from The Art of Lax™ was seen on mainstream media? Back in 2017, the art was used as set decor for the film ‘American Assassin‘. See the series of pics to see how it was used in the Hollywood film.

‘Drop the Hammer’

The lesson here is very simple in a world where content and information is shared in lightening fast speed: keep doing good work. Keep creating. You never know who is watching. You never know where it will end up or even take you.


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My brother-in-law, Chris Moore, talking about his decision in putting lacrosse in ‘American Pie’ and his thoughts on the PLL. This video with hime was done back in 2018.

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