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The Cold Call

I wrote a recent article about the importance of asking. I still refer to that article and past experiences from building a business where taking random chances are needed. Such an example is the ‘Cold Call’, which has been heavily outclassed by the modern-day take-over of social-media. Still, the execution of a cold call has been effective. This is the story of such an experience that is a confidence builder.

In the summer of 2013, a lot of customers were asking for giant wall pieces, or temporary decals for their walls. Some said the descriptions “you know, like a Fathead?” I remember seeing the commercials on TV a few years ago, and thought that something similar would be cool. After researching vendors and printers, I couldn’t find a solution. One random afternoon, I decided to just make the cold call to Fathead and see how the ‘pitch’ would go.

Prior to the call, I wrote down: 1) my business history, products & services, 2) my target audience, 3) what my audience wants from Fathead® and The Art of Lax™.

The initial call was answered by a ‘Customer Service Rep’. That rep transferred my call to a ‘Corporate & Retail Account Manager’ who spent about 15 minutes listening to my ‘pitch’. She then put me in a conference call with her ‘Key Account Manager’ that played lacrosse in college and coached during the weekends. I also think that the sharing of lacrosse backgrounds did some good. A detailed discussion followed and a verbal agreement on having a partnership was made. An hour after the phone call ended, a detailed email was sent, with a PDF of terms/agreements for the partnership and my company information.

It was exciting to leave that phone call knowing that the pitch worked, because 1) it added more variety to my business, and 2) it was going to help my customers in need, and 3) that there were people, merely strangers, willing to keep forwarding your cold call to the right ‘ears’, who would assist you.

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Looking back, what Fathead® did during my cold call inquiry was an amazing display of customer service. And great customer service, to me, is one of the best forms of marketing. Thanks, Fathead®, for letting many of my customers from all over, proudly fill their walls with my creations. It’s great to work with you!

Some of my customers and their products by Fathead®:



photo-2 photo-3



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