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The FIRST Sale

A lot of people ask the following questions about my business, The Art of Lax™:

“What started this?”

“What inspired, or motivated you?”

And I think the question that is most asked is “How did you get that deal, partnership, client, project, sale… ?”

I can go through a whirlwind of past stories, but after giving it some thought it really came down to this jpeg pic, below – an email of the FIRST SALE.

I still and will always remember this. I was very skeptical, yet very proud of my work. I did not have a website for the images, rather a Facebook photo album. I did not have a business plan because I did not know if this was even a business. And I definitely did not have a tax ID, or an LLC. My intention was just to see if anybody other than my friends and family would like the work. The only thing certain was that one-month later, the lacrosse art was going to be physically launched to the public at the 2009 U.S. Lacrosse Convention in Philadelphia.

To me, receiving that email from a total stranger was like winning the lottery. It was pure validation! While it may have been one sale, it was the one thing I needed to motivate myself to search for the next customer, and anything else down the line.

I still keep a framed print of that email and look at it from time to time. It’s a constant reminder as to what great surprises may lie ahead, and become great stories of the past.


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