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The Making of Coach(es)

“Teaching is coaching and coaching is teaching.”

When ‘Teacher Appreciation Week’ was coming up I was reminded of the ideas to complete due to the fact that there wasn’t really anything for the coaches in the portfolio. Having been a coach myself, I am always reminded that there were a lot of things learned on the playing field that could NEVER be taught in the academic classroom. These new pieces go out to those lacrosse individuals who although they may be teaching a game, are really teaching life skills.

I’ve done some custom portraits of coaches on the sideline for a number of customers, but in this case I wanted to make it generic with no face recognition, rather body language and posture.

Here are some of the progress pics:

[stu alias="fivestar1"][/stu]

The body language I wanted to convey was in a state of teaching with a clipboard in hand and the eyes of the players on the coach. I always believe that eye-contact is one of the most important signs of respect between two persons. One of my biggest pet-peeves when I coached and taught in the classroom was the lack of eye contact when explaining something highly important.

The finished pieces, below.

‘Coach’ pen & ink. Now both available for purchase here.



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Some examples of custom art for coaches from past clients/customers.

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