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The making of “Crank 2”.

Recently, I decided to make a second version of the great seller “Crank” which I did in the closing days of summer 2009.


The original “Crank” – 8×12 inches, pen & ink, 2009.

In the interest to keep with the masses (and keeping it simple), I decided to title the piece “Crank 2”.  The following series of photos documents the stages of development from pencil sketch to completion.

[stu alias="fivestar1"][/stu]

Light pencil foundation, above.

The figure taking shape (above) and the rendering of the crosse (below).

Some finishing touches and the final below.

“Crank 2” is now available for purchase at The Art of Lax™, click on “Drawings”.

Check out and “Like” the Facebook Page.


How about a “Crank 2” t-shirt sometime soon, huh?  I think so…


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