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The Making of ‘Crank-21’

Happy New Year. 2021!

2020 was a year nobody wants to remember. But for me, business-wise looking back, it was one of the busiest, which started in mid-March with the lockdown. Thinking that I was going to experience a slow-down, I referred to my lengthy list of personal projects that I wanted to do. I only got to one of them, which was done while on a family vacation back in July.

After the Holiday Season another family trip was planned. Like most trips, I brought my laptop, notebook, sketchbook, drawing materials and a plan to do one personal piece during the down time, or after hours. This one, I had written down on my list for almost 3 years and because it was a personal ‘to-do’, it didn’t have the pressure of a custom art project for a client/customer.

With a dim ceiling light and spare desk lamp in the rental house where we stayed, I got to work on the dining room table.

This piece was to be the updated version of the signature piece in the business titled, ‘Crank’, which was done in 2009. Once the pencil was set, the contrast of the ink made things pop out and the piece was coming the way I wanted it to be executed. The style and technique of adding motion to a 2-dimentional piece was a must, in order to convey the fast pace of the sport.

Going back to 2009, I really felt that I captured “lightening in a bottle” with ‘Crank’ – putting my work on a map with the eyes of the audience I wanted the most to see and enjoy it. As the business grew, I tried to put it behind and make another version – a second one – to ride the wave, or create a bigger splash. But ‘Crank’ was always in demand, or always the piece that was most often a main topic of discussion. This version, was my third attempt in making a better one and I feel that there’s something good about that competitive belief, whether you are an athlete or an artist, or both. It’s a way to better myself all around.

There are differences in between the three versions: one just shows the torso (Crank), one shows full body (Crank-2) and the other is just waist-up, or upper body (Crank-21). But all three show motion, movement and the attempt of a shot, or shooting form, while also sharing the same name, in a way. You could say that this is now a series.

This new version was finished a few minutes after midnight on New Year’s Eve, and being the first piece done in 2021 it was only fitting to name it, ‘Crank-21’. Happy 2021 to all my friends, customers and clients in the lacrosse world. Here’s to hoping and making that this year is better than the past.


‘Crank-21’ – pen and ink. 2021.

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My work view on the dining room table while on vacation. Fleischmanns, NY (Catskill Region).

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