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The Making of Game Time-2

The past Spring 2019 was a very busy and long one. With work and family responsibilities along with a newly added role as a Head Lacrosse Coach at The Keio Academy of New York, I was scattered all over the place. I couldn’t get everything done, but once the coaching job was over I promised myself a new addition to the portfolio. It was an addition that was not only overdue, but also inspired from being a Head Coach.


Looking back at some of my earliest years doing The Art of Lax™, one of my most popular pieces to this day is ‘Game Time’. It shows the huddle of players with their sticks up in the air, prior to hitting the field. Any lacrosse player can relate to it, which is why it’s popular, but the subject matter of team is also a very high consideration. Lacrosse is a team sport, thus I decided to do a second version of ‘Game Time’ but in a different manner. Here are the progression pics, below.

The difference compared to the first version are the arms locked around the players. Focus on some details making the piece, below.

Coming together artistically and pretty much literally.

As I was making my last marks to the piece and staring at it, I knew I was close to being done, due to just staring at it. That’s what usually happens. But during the staring session I kept on thinking about my players, whom I just coached a little bit over a month ago at The Keio Academy, and the important message behind this piece. It’s the important reasons why I still play this game: team, friends, family and camaraderie.

‘Game Time-2’

Pen & Ink.

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