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The Making of Guardian-4

In 2009, the piece titled ‘Guardian’ was top-seller. Looking back, I don’t know why, but probably because the subject matter was an obvious definition of the title given to the image. Last month I wanted to add to the portfolio some new content, and a fourth version of ‘Guardian’ was created.

Below, are the progress pics of the work that was done

It always starts with the pencil phase and then the layers of ink to define the what’s staying.

Some more hints of shade and permanent spots so that the figure starts to pop out

Most often when doing a piece like this that focuses a lot on the pocket, it’s the strings, or mesh, that’s hardest part. This was a constant reminder.

But with the gloves and the arms being rendered, as well as the drapery of the uniforms, the excitement of the idea turning out onto paper was obvious.

A few more nitpicking and scanning for anything missing took over due to not wanting it to be done already, but that feeling of being done was already there.

After erasing the excess pencil marks, the end result being:


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Also, back in art school one of my professors would say to the class “You can be the best artist but it would look a lot better with reference material.”

And that material, I do have! :o)


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