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The Making of Lax Girl-4

I’ve been always trying to not to leave behind the women’s game of lacrosse. But I’ve been always trying to solve, or figure out, the women’s game by asking a lot of my female counterparts what they would like to see in regards to new art material – heck, I even married one. My wife didn’t have a concrete answer for me, but a friend (and client) on social media kept on suggesting ideas which were common.

Joe Albines, or ‘Coach Joe’ as he’s known (Queens of Lacrosse on Twitter and Instagram), was and is that person. After past conversations and email requests from me trying to find material for the women’s game, he pushed for ‘hair styles’, particularly braids. Like anything new and unknown, I wasn’t sure, at first. But his constant communications showing proof of this as an actual thing made me a believer – I had to try this. Soon enough the pencil, paper and pens were busted out.

As the ink was being put down, the contrast of that medium and the pencil was bringing it to life. Those are some of the best parts of creating the new art – when it’s becoming obvious.

I remember in art school when drawing the human figure, hair was challenging, not just trying to be ‘anatomically correct’ as they say. I was reminded of this as careful attention was being made.

With the help of a tiny ink pen than I normally use, the details and the volume of hair was coming to life, sort-of-speak. I was also thinking to myself that this new piece was a focus on two things that required great attention and detail: the style of the hair braid and the stringing components of the lacrosse pocket, while demonstrating an overall strong character in women’s lacrosse.

The final check and my signature, or ‘artist’s mark’ was made, calling it a finish. Thanks Coach Joe for making the suggestion after all this time – you are an expert! It made as a great addition to an ongoing series of ‘Lax Girl’ images.

‘Lax Girl-4’

Pen & ink on heavy drawing paper.

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