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The Making of Long Pole-3 & 4

A couple of new images were recently made and added to the portfolio. This time they were geared for the defensive-side of lacrosse, particularly the long poles, close-d and LSM positions. I remember when I first played lacrosse at the introductory level I was always perplexed at the long sticks. I often wondered how people could play with sticks at those lengths, some taller than the players who used them. I found it quite funny, at first, but when I saw it being used in an effective manner, I was sold and had a lot of respect for the defensemen. Which beings me to the two, new pieces. I wanted to portray the classic long pole defensive stance of a stick out in front and keeping good distance in ‘Long Pole-3’, while the other is a defenseman going on the offensive with the ball his his stick in ‘Long Pole-4’. Two images of the same theme, but two opposite actions is what I wanted to execute.

To close this out, here’s a pic of me back in high school playing in goal (my primary position) and also close-defense. To this day, I love surprising people in my adult lacrosse leagues when I step onto the field with a long pole instead of a goalie stick. :o)

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