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The making of Ol’ Skool.

(Vinnie Ricasio, The Art of Lax™ 1996. The South Kent School, CT)

Remember when the helmets had tie-offs at the back to properly fit and the helmet panels/sticker were almost the size of playing cards?

Remember when you added that “extra” foam chin pad for intimidation purposes, but had no idea why anybody would do such a thing – especially goalies?

Remember when equipment padding was vinyl coated and barely thick enough to protect you?

Remember when the leather palms of your L33/L35 gloves got so dry from sweat, that you splashed water on them during warm-ups just minutes before the opening whistle on game day?

Remember when the compression shorts/spandex were longer than your actual game shorts?

Remember when a simple, cotton t-shirt was all you wore underneath your equipment pads?

Remember when stringing a stick took numerous times, hours and even days? We’re talking TRADITIONAL stringing – MESH isn’t considered stringing!

Remember when the choices for a shaft were only; wood or aluminum? Plus those “dowel-shafts”?

Remember when the heads had no “pinch” and no “off-set” design?

Remember when people called the lacrosse company “STX” not by saying “S-T-X”, but by it’s real pronunciation–“STICKS”?

Remember when you played ONLY ON A GRASS FIELD?!!

If you remember when… you are a member of the Ol’ Skool!

    1. Still have those gloves (Brine L35, no palms) and arm pads (Bacharach Rasin vinyl-dipped foam with big metal buckles) which I only recently replaced with some NOS Brine SAG2s, a Brine Superlight 4 (no NOT a 2+2… ), and an STX Laser Lite. I only wish I still had my LHN helmet…

      The kids who run the local Lacrosse Unlimited almost lost it when I went in there to get leather & string to go along with a new Warrior Evo2 head. “You actually know how to string like that?” I brought it back in the next day and showed them how to really do it.

      Ah… good times.

  1. Take it a step further….

    Remember when you could run 6 long sticks at once.

    Remember when you wedged the ball between the sticks on faceoffs.

    Remember when “releasable” penalty meant that if the man down team got possession in the other team’s box the penalty would release.

  2. I’d say Babson’s 11-8 win over Eastern Connecticut was pretty meaningful as well. 

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