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The making of “Pass, Feed, Shot 2”.

My Labor Day weekend consisted of just that – Labor.

But it was a good way to make use of some time and do the work I wanted to do.

I’m growing the portfolio every week and month as the ideas for new content come to mind.  Back in the Fall of 2008, when I was building the first additions of artwork for The Art of Lax™, one of the images was titled “Pass, Feed, Shot”.  The title came to mind because of the description of three (3) choices the figure in the drawing had; pass, feed or shot.

(“Pass, Feed, Shot”.  8×12 inches, pen & ink.  2008.)

I thought it was time for another version of this image.  The following pics are the development stages leading to the creation of “Pass, Feed, Shot 2”.

Final piece, below.

(“Pass, Feed, Shot 2”.  8×12 inches.  2011)

You can find it here, available for purchase:


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