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The Making of Taft Lacrosse

A recent custom art order took place back in April when COVID was at it’s peak in the NYC-area. It was complex, detailed and challenging, but it was also very exciting because as a competitor, I love challenges. It was also based on a New England boarding school where some friends and people in my networks have attended – the Taft School in Watertown, CT.

As a graduate of a boarding school in CT, as well, this brought me back to an old mindset. I don’t think my high school, The South Kent School, played Taft in sports, but sports is a very big deal in a boarding school environment. The old adage of: “Sound mind, sound body.” is very true and still with me to this day.

While the piece was a standard 11×14 scale, it was to be done in the mixed-mediums of pen and ink, watercolor and other dry mediums. Here are the progress pics taken building the piece:

With the pencil stage done, the inking of the obvious object was first – the helmets.

After that the flesh tones were blocked in giving me hints of hue, value, intensity, as well as light and dark tones.

Simple blocks of color for simple details like helmet decals and jersey uniforms, as well as slight piping or borders of those elements, start giving hints of direction and execution.

Adding the grass, or turf of the field, starts to expose a ‘full picture’ meaning. The green colors now compliment the main focus and gives direct meaning to the subject matter – a team huddle.

The piece had a long deadline and the early start gave way to frequent breaks to rest the eyes and reset the batteries, sort-of-speak. And the return after the break gave way to the final stretch of the decals, logos and other elements of the Taft School Lacrosse program.

I was proud of doing the piece – I felt like I was always in the huddle. And doing it during the month of April, which was considered the worst of COVID, was a good way to be distracted and focus your attention on something else. But as a player, it also reminded me of a few things that I love and also missed due to COVID – sports, coaching and teammates. Looking at the final piece, I can’t wait for the day when it’s all good and healthy to return to the field!

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‘Taft Lacrosse’

11×14 inches. Mixed-media.



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