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The Making of ‘The Draw-3’

As I’m trying to constantly add to the portfolio, I look carefully at what is needed, or what can be re-done. Recently, I’ve been trying to add to the female lacrosse audience with a handful of images before the end-of-the-year. In this case, another version of the first play in women’s lacrosse was done, called ‘The Draw 3’.

Lacrosse is considered a combination, or a hybrid of multiple sports: ice hockey, soccer, football and basketball. ‘The Draw’, or the ‘Face-Off’ as it’s called in the men’s game, is like a jump ball in basketball. The first play in both sports, it gets a fair amount of attention. Below, are the progress pics of the new piece:

But, this is version #3, remember? While executing, I kept on thinking about the prior 2 versions done in 2008 and 2010, respectively. Curious to see them? Here they are:

I was big into motion. I still am! But, I scaled back from it and do it when “needed”. Both prior images have partial figures, or are cut-off. In the newest version, I wanted to show the full scale of bodies in the act of play. The finished version, titled ‘The Draw-3’ is below:

‘The Draw-3’

Pen & Ink on bristol board.

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