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The Making of ‘The Look’

Recently, I went on a creative spree adding to the female lacrosse audience. It was one of my personal goals prior to the Holiday Season. I was trying not to do an action shot of some sort, rather something different. But, what? Searching thru the scattered mess of lacrosse equipment in the house, I found my wife’s lacrosse eye protection, or goggles, and the idea was born.

One of my pet-peeves is the lack of eye contact when speaking. During my lacrosse coaching days, I would shout “eyes up!” in the huddle, so that I knew the players were paying attention. Eye contact, in my book, is one of the best forms of respect to another person. The thought of that was constantly coming back to me while executing the new piece in mind. Below, are the progress pics:

A few more details closer to a finish…

While executing the piece, I kept on thinking of a title. Two words kept on coming to mind which were ‘The Look’, which was also a title of a throwback 80’s song by the band ‘Roxette‘. The finished piece, below:

‘The Look’ 

Pen & ink on heavy drawing paper.

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