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The Making of The Perfect Form (Series-Female)

Back in 2010/2011 the concept for one the most popular images called ‘The Perfect Form” (Series) was made on a bar napkin. As a history buff, I wanted to show a series of stages in the sport of lacrosse from the Native-Americans to the present, modern-day. It also showed a transformation, of evolution of lacrosse stick technology. The only thing that was consistent in the piece was the shooting form of the lacrosse stick in each player. That pose was the reason for the name it was given.

When it was launched at the 2012 US Lacrosse Convention, the piece sold out of all reproductions to the public. One question during that event came from a female customer who asked if there was going to be a female version of the new piece. I didn’t assure her that it was going to be done anytime soon, but the question always remained with me. Fast-forward to today, after finally getting some down-time, or making time, I wanted to get a version done. So, I got to work.

Yeah, I had to make both a ‘Retro’ and a ‘Modern’ female lacrosse player, no biggie, right? If only everything was that simple. I had to do some careful research. Thankfully my wife plays lacrosse, too. That’s how we met, actually! Back in the retro days, female lacrosse players wore collared shirts, like polos and plaid kilts, or skirts. These days, eye-wear is pretty much mandatory and other equipment such as headbands, pre-wrap for the hair and gloves for the hands are commonplace. After a few drafts, the piece was coming along and the finished product was done.

Looking back, I don’t know why I waited for almost 5 years to make a female version of one of the most successful images done. But, I sure am glad to have finished one to balance out the series, as a whole. Lacrosse is played by both men and women!

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