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“The older I get, the better I was.”

Whenever I get a chance to visit my parent’s in Manhattan, I usually like to search for things from my childhood and/or past that they kept.  On a recent stop over for dinner, I searched for my Bacharach lacrosse helmet a.k.a. “the brain bucket” that I used in boarding school (1992-1996).  I knew they still had it from numerous visits before and I wanted to take some pics with the blackberry to post up.

The classic Bacharach helmet.  I think it was nicknamed “The Baltimore Classic”??

The “mud-flap” throat guard.

Yup, I was a “sticker for stickers!”  Kinda’ like a NASCAR look on the dome!

The South Kent School in South Kent, CT – home of the Cardinals!  Had to rep NYC somewhere, hence the Statue of Liberty decal.

The double-foam piece on the “grill”!  Before the days of “helmet-tilt” (now) this was for intimidation purposes!

To my surprise, one of my BEST finds up to date, they still kept my ORIGINAL STX Goalmaster!  Notice, the “dowel” throat/shaft and the red color before the sticks became standard factory colors of white/black.

My “glory days”.

  1. Crazy, I’m also experiencing a fit of Bacharach nostalgia… Last Friday my fiancée brought me a brand-new still-in-the-bag Bacharach bucket to replace one that’s long gone (I have three variations of the much heavier SportHelmet buckets plus my new helmet). This Bacharach is so freakin’ new, the gold lettering still shines and the padding is still soft enough to wear – but the chin guard sadly lacks the “Bacharach” lettering. Wear them in Thailand next year? 😉

    1. If it’s new, I wouldn’t wear it/use it, rather keep it mint because it will be so rare and such a treasure considering the development of equipment each year. So lucky that you have one. DO NOT TAKE IT OUT OF THE BAG!!!! So awesome!

  2. Holy crap this thing is beautiful!!! I swear my neck muscles were the strongest they have ever been wearing these.

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