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“The Perfect Form” Series Part 1

Crank has always been the ArtofLax’s best seller, but it’s time for something new, and with all this talk about shooting overhand going around, The Perferct Form just seems, well… perfect.

Ever since the 2012 U.S. National Lacrosse Convention in Philadelphia ended in mid-January, my mind (and “memo pad” application in my Blackberry) and sketchbooks, had a list of ideas for new content to start upon my return home.  However, work and family life, chasing a number of clients, rush orders for a few custom pieces and dealing with two frustrating, legal issues (yes, LEGAL!) came up and took me off course.  But that’s life.  Still, I snuck some work in slowly during the late-nights to start my first addition to the portfolio for 2012 called, “The Perfect Form”.

The "Crank" image.

I’m always trying to outdo my BEST seller of all time – “Crank”.  When I was doing it, had no idea that it would be heavily purchased online, at events and for royalty-fee usage, along with people using it as their Facebook profiles/background images and some companies trying to replicate it (I think those will be on a future blog-post).  Is it because “Crank” is the FIRST image you see on the site when you click on the “Drawings 1” page?

It makes me wonder, whatever happened to the term “Top Cheese”Anyone?

As mentioned before, “Crank” is a term for a shot/shooting motion/shooting action, etc.  But to have a successful “Crank” one cannot just rely on “weight room” sessions but practice, practice and more practice in front of the cage for that “perfect form” and/or technique.  As a goalie starring down shots my entire life, shooters who displayed good form, rather than “erratic theatrics”, were the scorers.  And that is where I came up with the title “The Perfect Form” – a series of images that are in the process of production.

Below are the progression shots and finish, of the first installment for the series, “The Perfect Form”.

[stu alias="fivestar1"][/stu]
Making it with a CPX-R... gotta' keep up with the trends!
Rendering the details...
Finished piece of "The Perfect Form". Part One.

“The Perfect Form” can be found at The Art of Lax, click on “Drawings 2” and scroll down to the “Misc” section.

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