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“To Be Good Is Not Enough” Part One (Wall-Ball).

I know of a FOUR-LETTER word that ends with the letter “K”.  Some people tend to not like hearing this word.  Is it that BAD of a word?  Depends on your view of things.  It’s a four-letter word called WORK.

“There is NO substitute for HARD WORK.”  -Thomas A. Edison

Growing up in NYC, I wanted to keep playing lacrosse not just for fun, rather in the interest of being the BEST during game time.  My problem was that, back then, there were hardly any lacrosse players in NYC to throw the ball around with – pretty much close to none. 

“I will find a way, or make one,” -Hannibal of Carthage (quoting his generals before crossing the Alps to invade Rome).

I realized that my answer to working on being the BEST was literally all around me in my hometown – concrete.  Whatever surface it was made out of; concrete, brick, etc., I made use of it doing “wall-ball”.  Whether it was a handball court in a park, a side of an indoor parking garage, or a concrete caisson of an elevated highway/subway system – as long as the ball would bounce back to me was good enough.  Whether it was having 5-10 minutes, or the whole day… repetition, repetition, repetition was/is key!

Be creative.  Think out of the box.  Get out of your comfort zone.

I can list many bits and pieces of wall-ball routines from lacrosse people all over, but the most important aspect was getting yourself to do it.  The best part of wall-ball, is that a wall does not criticize and/or judge you.  It just shows you who is responsible and in charge.

Below, is the finished piece “To Be Good Is Not Enough” (Wall-Ball).

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