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“To Be Good Is Not Enough” Part Two (Rip-Sesh).

My first installment of a two-part series titled “To Be Good Is Not Enough” was about my personal experience doing “Wall-Ball” in NYC.  I wanted to keep the second installment pretty consistent, thus I took the character from the previous piece and made him practice his shot, or having a rip-session (a.k.a. a “rip-sesh”).  The following story is the reason behind the creation of “To Be Good Is Not Enough” (Rip-Sesh).

During my junior year in boarding school, some of us took a lacrosse net from the fields and placed it behind our dorm.  Most of us living in that dorm were on the varsity lacrosse team, in particularly offensive-oriented players.  Any downtime they could get, they would “unleash their heat” on the cage.  During the academic hours, school rules prohibited students doing such recreational activities during “free periods” in the interest of getting academic work done.  But that lacrosse cage behind our dorm was placed (more like hidden) there for a reason.  As a goalie, there was no need for me to practice my shooting technique, but I’ll always remember my dorm-mates/teammates “picking corners” and practicing “bouncers”, until they had to put the tie and blazer back on and head to their next class.  That net was ripped to shreds.

Two things I learned from that experience.  1) In boarding school I learned how to use my time properly.  2) Watching my dorm-mates/teammates shoot discreetly during the academic hours, made me learn that if something is very important to you, you will make time to work on it.

Below is the finished piece “To Be Good Is Not Enough” (Rip-Sesh).


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