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The ‘VR’ Line–Our Private Label

Nothing happens overnight. 

Of the many products we offer, we’ve been always trying to “solve” the apparel side. The word “solve” is in quotations because any new product development, will always have their problems looking for any solutions, no matter the stage. In our case, we wanted to offer a higher-end of apparel that stood out a bit different from what we’ve done in the past. A product that we would call our very own – a private label.

The seed was planted in our head a couple of years ago in a client brainstorming session. Another time it came close to happening with an interested, prospective manufacturer that possessed a highly, self-centered personality and bragged about how much money they make. Obviously, we knew that wasn’t going to be a good working relationship. The search was very difficult, but after some time (that being understatement) we found a manufacturer that was willing to listen and help find the solutions to our problems.


With all the ideas, concepts and first drafts collected from the past years to make a private label, we went to work.  We searched material and dry-goods from numerous vendors. We painstakingly tested production printers. For the label, the VR had to be there, which are the initials of the founder/artist behind The Art of Lax™ – Vincent Ricasio. The VR is also the ‘artist’s mark’ found on every piece/image in the portfolio. To make it like a piece of original art, each shirt was going to be made individually, as a one-off, not en-masse.  After months of revisions, additions and some heated arguments, four (4) designs were made, each telling a unique story.

The following pics, are of the products offered:

IMG_1129 VR-Private2-Mailchimp

VR-Line-Patient1 VR-Line-LaxField-Female VR-Line-Laxfield-Male VR-Line-OrigTrad

We’re passionate to bring you products with our name on it. We’re excited for our art to be part of your everyday.

Like what you see? Click here to shop our ‘VR’ apparel line. Also, check out our video on the products, as well, below.


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