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What Do You Pack?

Each time I pack my lacrosse equipment bags either for my son’s practices, my old man pick-up, league games or tournaments, I’m always careful about everything. And while it may be ‘automatic’, or routine, you never know when you’ll need to use that certain thing. Recently, my trip to The Lake Placid Summit Classic had me thinking differently of what I was packing in my equipment bag.

I took a careful look at my items and started to think really about these ‘names’, or brands. See the pic I took while packing my bag prior to departure, below.

Each of them are VERY well-known to the masses. Each of them are highly important in what I was going to do with them. ALL of them had their own humble beginnings and unique stories. As customers and consumers of these major brands we ONLY see and know the finished products. We will never know their failures, mistakes and sheer guts, but most of all, the heart poured into them.

And that’s the one thing you can not pack in any bag – heart. You just have to always have it in you, each and everyday.

What do you pack?


(Writer’s Note: Full Disclosure – I didn’t even open my Apple laptop while at Lake Placid due to having so much fun. But, I did use my iPhone for work communications. :o) 


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